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Stealth Radar Systems
Stealth: "The action of doing something quietly and covertly, in order to avoid detection"
Stealth Radar Systems are created to be the ultimate hidden Radar/Laser Detectors. Ordinary "remote" models cannot match the extreme-stealth of our integrated designs. Your sports or luxury vehicle will remain essentially standard in appearance. World class radar-detection and "active" laser technology provide the earliest possible alerts against all types of speed traps. Immunity to Radar Detector Detectors is assured - now and always!

Speed Trap Types

Radar Traps: Moving radar is the most unpredictable form of speed surveillance. Instant-on transmission makes it even more dangerous. The only credible defence is "maximum possible detection range" in all circumstances.
Laser Traps: Current technology has been around for more than a decade. What's likely to appear in the near future?
Speed Cameras: Three types - mobile, fixed and point-to-point. How do they work and are they vulnerable to countermeasures?
Stealth - Specifications: What format makes a radar/laser detection system effective and very discrete? Our competitors will be startled, enforcers shocked and readers pleasantly surprised. Two articles "set the standard" that cannot be bettered.
Stealth Detection Systems: GPS based speed-camera detectors are 100% legal everywhere. Where appropriate, radar and laser detection can protect the safe driver from unwanted and undeserved tickets. The "Stealth Radar Systems" combination of performance, undetectability to RDDs and "real stealth" configuration is unique.
Au Information: No radar or laser guns are specific to Australia. However, the differences in police radar bands (compared to the USA ) provide opportunities for superior radar detection performance - but only with the right technical specifications.

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